We have a multidimensional frequency attached to our DNA that exists around and within each of us, this has been recognized by the scientific community as the toroidal field of energy. Each human, planet, galaxy, and even the universe has one. This is also known as the quantum energy field it is how your soul receives information from the universe around itself and relays that information to our physical body through our DNA. The energetical field around you flows through your chakras carrying energy that supports your healing and connects you to the earth and the galaxy.

A transmission is an energetical frequency that your soul recognizes. It is divine a message connected to the matrix of your soul. Sheila, as a Galactic Grandmother, has been receiving transmissions, also known as divine messages, from the Galactic Star Mothers and is freely sharing them here on her website.

As a Galactic Grandmother Sheila’s role is to awaken the magnetic field grid, rebirthing the love of humanity and awakening our spiritual divineness.

Listen and Share Past Transmissions

CODE AWAKENING Sit in the quantum frequency of your DNA Codes awakening at this time. This transmission activates your Spiritual Divine code, which is a multidimensional frequency of LOVE.  Feel them. Embrace them. Live them. You are ONE with the eternal God Source of the Universe. And you are dearly loved.

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