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Welcome to Sheila B.'s Inner Circle
In this membership, you receive the guidance you need to enhance your life.

We will dive into monthly topics that help you connect with your Higher Self, the Ascended Masters, the Angels, the Universe, and the other members of the Inner Circle.

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Sobriety through Spirituality will help you see how your early life development situations formed many of your life choices. God or bad, positive or negative.Patterns, beliefs, behaviors, outdated programming. It is about choices that you have. Choices you’ve always had and how you can make different healthier choices. This course will help you identify what is not working for you. It will help you take action to do something different, not harder. We will identify what has been your “issues in your tissues” imprinted into your energy fields. The physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual fields of your human body. This course will help you understand or define your own “issues”, how they become programmed into your life as survival tools. And how they are now outdated. We will learn how to change the channel so to speak, and give you a new life direction.

The goal and promise of this course is to move you forward in your life. To help you become unstuck. To love and accept yourself. To no longer live in fear and live your life in love. The goal and the promise is to awaken your soul. To align your physical self with your full spiritual potential. You do this by taking your inner wisdom from your life obstacles and challenges and making them your assets! You do this by walking through your fear into your divine Light!

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