Our Galactic Monthly Activation is done through Rev Sheila by the Galactic Angelic Star Mothers and Star Grandmothers. This Activation intends to catalyze your wisdom self-mastery and awakened conscious ascension.
To stand in your Sovereignty Love-Light Soul Divinity. To have no fear and walk in love. Your Angelic Galactic soul family will connect within your 24th multidimensional frequency, where your Divine Wisdom Mastery awaits.

This individual activation healing will help restore your soul matrix, including DNA activations and body template upgrades. This is a sacred time to help recover from generational cellular blockages, negative imprints from other timelines (lifetimes), and empowering human ascension experiences. 

Galactic Group Monthly Activations take place each month and are 1 hr long.

"I walk in the Sovereignty of my Love-Light Soul Divinity…
I have no fear and walk in my Light Wisdom Mastery… I AM a Galactic Being. I shine brightly!"

Galactic Group Monthly Activations are ONLY available to members of: