Sheila B’s UFH Galactic Lineage Disc


This disc holds the frequency of the UFH template which is the multidimensional DNA. It heals the wounds from your ancestorial lineage and empowers your energetical legacy. It supports our bio-spiritual transformation by working on the axis of the spiritual quantum DNA. Specifically, this disc helps to recalibrate the human frequency during this ascension time.

Sheila B’s Quartz Crystal Healing Discs 

Sheila B’s Healing Disc are powerful tools to assist you in connecting to the higher dimensional frequencies. All of Sheila’s crystal healing discs have been Energetically Charged and Attuned with Sheila’s “Galactic Frequency” for your Spiritual Ascension. They allow you to open Angelic doorways of quantum healing right in the palm of your hand for your own personal healing and assisting others. Each of Sheila B’s Healing Discs has her “Galactic frequency” including activating the heart center of compassion assisting in your spiritual ascension journey.

What they can do: 

Activates the heart center.

Increases your human electromagnetic field.

Assists in raising vibrational frequency in the human energy field.

Clears negative cellular DNA imprints from the human energy field, in the physical, emotional, and spiritual layers.

Assists in your spiritual awakening.

Allows manifesting new realities.

Opens Galactic Gateway by expanding conscious awareness to receive guidance and direction.

Balances all chakra centers through their copper rim, which is a “conductor of higher frequency energy.”

Copper healing properties are good for the treatment of arthritis, improve blood circulation, reduce inflammation, erase pain throughout the body and so much more.

Stimulates and Boosts the Immune System.

Enhances connection to your Higher Self.

Powerful Protection Tools.

Restore balance, peace, and harmony in the cellular structure.