Join us as we walk over the Rainbow Bridge into our Divineness as Lightworkers ~ Shining our Love-Light Magnificently!

First and Third Wednesday of each month from 7:11 pm to 8:41 pm (on Zoom)

Themes For Our Upcoming Meetings:

9/15/2021 - Lightworkers' Challenges

10/6/2021 - The Universe Has Your Back

10/20/2021 - Stand In Your Power

11/3/2021 - Inner Wisdom

11/20/2021 - Thankfulness & Gratitude

12/1/2021 - Living Your LOVELIGHT

12/15/2021 - Giving and Receiving Love


About the Lightworkers' Connection Circle...

The Lightworkers Connection Circle is about living your soul's purpose as a Lightworker and connecting with others on the same spiritual path. It is a sacred and safe harbor supportive group of Lightworkers to connect, encourage, empower, and support Human Kindness - What a wonderful incentive to join our (members only) group. The intention of the Lightworkers Connection Circle is to stay energetically connected as we move forward in this new paradigm transformative high consciousness time.

We enjoy fun and spiritual rituals together. We learn, teach, and support each other in a higher frequency vibration of Love-Light compassion. This is a community of Multidimential Support for New Humans on their spiritual transformational path. Join us as we walk over the Rainbow Bridge into our Divineness as Lightworkers the WayShowers - Shining our Love-Light Magnificently!

There will be an opening ceremonial prayer blessing and a short meditation.  The agenda is in a format that will allow others to learn, share and connect if they chose. We do this involving a talking stick ritual.  We do ask that you bring to the meeting a sacred item, (a candle, crystal, feather, etc.) that can be used as a "talking stick" (your time to share what you need to) during our Sacred Lightworkers Connection Zoom Circle.

NOTE: As you log in, you will be in a waiting room until the meeting starts. Please make sure that you are muted whether you are on your computer, mobile device, or phone.

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