Join us as we walk over the Rainbow Bridge into our Divineness 

Walk with us as Lightworkers. Shining our Love-Light Magnificently!


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 You are light 

About the Lightworkers' Connection Circle

The Lightworkers Connection Circle is about living your soul's purpose as a Lightworker and connecting with others on the same spiritual path. It is a sacred and safe-harbor supportive group of Lightworkers to connect, encourage, empower, and support Human Kindness. The intention of the Lightworkers Connection Circle is to stay energetically connected as we move forward in this new paradigm of transformative high-consciousness ascension.

We laugh - We cry - We bleed - We grow - We learn - We love

We support each other in this higher frequency vibration of Love-Light of compassionate action. This is a community of Multidimensional Support for New Humans on their spiritual path of transformation. Join us as we walk over the Rainbow Bridge into our Divineness as Lightworkers the WayShowers - Shining our Love-Light of Magnificent Mastery during this ascension!

The teachings, meditations, and energy exchange recordings can all be found in Sheila B.'s Inner Circle