Many of us are awakening with unexplained metaphysical experiences that lead us to believe and intuitively know that there is more to life.

Are you seeking answers to questions:

Who am I?

Where did I come from?

Why am I feeling and seeing things I never did before?

What is my true purpose?

star mother ancestors

Who are the Galactic Star Mother Ancestors?

The Galactic Star Mother Ancestors are esoteric God Source energy entities. They are your spiritual lineage ancestors from which you originated including Star Mother’s, Grandmothers, Great- Grandmother’s, etc. and lineage mothers. Through channeling with Sheila, they communicate on an esoteric level, allowing her to transmit messages of unconditional love and direction to those who seek answers, such as: Who am I? Where did I come from? What is my purpose? Why am I feeling things and seeing things I never did before?

Sheila and the Galactic Star Mother Ancestors are here to help you awaken and discover what is already inside you.

This channeling provides you with actionable steps to uncover your soul’s purpose using a unique blend of inspiration and insight empowering YOU to become your authentic Divine self.

New Energy Transformative Time?

Science has proven that Energy IS Consciousness. We are living in an evolution of consciousness called the New Energy. This is bringing an awareness of hope and transformation to humanity at this time.

This transformational evolution begins with YOU! How? Because you have ability to connect into this consciousness field of New Energy and heal NOW. It is time! This is what YOU are here to do. By remembering your spiritual lineage, you also can tap into your spiritual ability that is your multi-dimensional Spiritual DNA given to you from your Galactic Star Mother Ancestors.


Learn more about Galactic Healing

A Galactic Star Mothers' Healing Session gives you the knowledge and answers you are seeking. It provides you with an understanding of who YOU really are. You will understand your magnificence as a spiritual being, and tap your own abilities and heal yourself from your God Source within - in this lifetime as well as other lifetimes. How is this possible you may ask? It gives YOU the potential to tap into your own Divine healing abilities. This allows you to STAND in YOUR POWER and restore YOU on all levels and areas of your life. YOU are the miracle you have been waiting for! Go within to your divine wisdom where your answers await.
Science is just starting to understand that there is more to our DNA than the 23 pairs of chromosomes seen under a microscope. We have another pair of chromosomes - the 24th multi-dimensional quantum DNA pair. It cannot be seen, YET, under a microscope. This 24th pair spiritual strand DNA quantum energy has been awakened by the evolutional shift in consciousness.
Working and channeling through Sheila, the Galactic Star Mother Ancestors permit her to tap into your past lifetimes in a positive way. She does this by connecting to your heart vibration - awakening your God Source DNA, which allows healing. With this powerful, open divine God source channel, to past human and the lifetime before you arrived on Earth. During this channeling, you can ask questions and the Ancestors will answer them. In addition, the Galactic Ancestors open your remembrance channel of your core Galactic connection (24th multi-dimensional quantum DNA), allowing you to live in this New Energy Transformational time.