New Date – Unity Field Healing Practitioners’ Training ~ Rochester, NY

Unity Field Healing (UFH) is a remarkable new “Quantum Healing” Modality.  Performed through hands-on healing sessions – it works with the quantum energy of Human DNA to promote healing and personal transformation.  This event is a UFH Practitioners Training Program. This work was developed from visionary teachings received by Dr. John – and recently validated by Kryon/Lee Carroll in a live channel!  UFH is the Energy Medicine of the Future!

Hosted by the wonderful Sheila Tillich of Rochester NY – Dr. John will be present in person to deliver this UFH Practitioner Training Program!  The program will run – Friday OCT 22, 2021  (7:00-10:30 pm), Sat OCT 23 ( 10am – 6 pm ) and Sun OCT 24 ( 10 am – 6 pm ).

Registration will include instruction in Energy Medicine and the art of Unity Field Healing as a Practitioner, Energy Attunements to become a Practitioner, a 44 page manual, Certification as a UFH Practitioner – Level 1, 2 and 3 – and free listing as a practitioner of this remarkable energy modality on the UFH website.  Please note also that the practitioners training includes registration for the Friday evening “Sirian Transmission and Introduction to Unity Field Healing” event – you do not need to register separately for this event, it is included!


EARLY BIRD PRICING – $888 US.  Regular Tuition $999 US.   Please note prior events have sold out months in advance!


1.  You can PAY IN FULL or

2. Register to take advantage of the PAYMENT PLAN with a $288 non refundable downpayment – and pay two future installments of $300 – on Sep 15, 2021 and $300 Oct 15, 2021.  You register with your first payment below and will be contacted to make arrangement to pay your 2nd and 3rd installment by online payment.

Registration is refundable up to 30 days prior to the event – except Eventbrite Service Charges which will not be reimbursed.

For more information visit:   Contact UFH Home Office: EMAIL US

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